Friday, March 28

Home Improvement

Today's it's time for some Home Improvement!

If you haven't already started assembling your Home Management Binder, this weekend is the perfect time to start.

Do you need to buy a binder and folders? Make a run to Target, Wal-mart, or an office store.

Do you need to gather items/papers around your home? Start putting them in piles...those piles will soon become your folders/categories. Or, start making a list of the categories you'd like to include.'s a work in progress. You'll have to figure out how to use it, where to store it, and how often you'll need to reference it. I keep a lot of contact information on the computer, so I am not going to duplicate those efforts. But it's those things that come in the mail and need a home that go in my binder.

Start small today....and see if you can develop this throughout the next few weeks. I believe it can become an invaluable tool if we make a habit of using it.

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know if you have questions about the binder, or if you are planning to try this and what you think of it.

Blessings on your home (and your home improvement efforts!) this weekend.

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Anonymous said...


I love your blog! I am going to refer instructors involved in our church's "Life Basics" class for impoverished women to check it out for ideas! I love the spiritual component. Wish you were here to help teach the classes!