Monday, March 31

Get Ready!!

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day! There probably isn't another source around that will remind you to get ready and play a trick on someone you love. Not a cruel and unusual trick, just something that will make them have an old-fashion belly-laugh!

It takes 74 muscles to frown, 14 muscles to smile, so get ready for a face lift tomorrow and laugh along with someone!

If you have kids, get them involved in surprising daddy with something that will make him laugh. Be careful in picking your joke so that it will cause everyone to laugh at the joke, not at a person. Children naturally will laugh at another person, this is a good day to teach them to laugh along with one another.

No time to plan a good joke? No time to laugh? Better check your priorities then, because tomorrow is a day to laugh! Back in Martin Luther's day, he used a form of humor as therapy. He advised people not to "isolate themselves but to surround themselves with friends who could joke and make them laugh."

So this April Fool's a joke on someone that will make that person laugh. Consider it therapy.

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