Monday, March 24

Tools for Home Management

"The choices you make about your home involve a lot more than wall color and window treatments. Home is where human beings develop. It's a place to restore souls, find shelter from outside pressures, and receive inspiration, comfort, and aid." - Kathy Peel, Family Home Manager

Doesn't that quote just stir something inside of you? The desire to create and provide a home for you and your loved ones that restores souls, offer shelter and protection, and gives comfort and encouragement?

I desire to create a home with those characteristics! But as we all know...that doesn't just happen. We have to be intentional and purposeful in creating a home like that.

One of the obstacles for me has always been organization. When I spend extra time and energy searching for items (where the heck is the RSVP card for that event?) and shuffling papers from pile to pile, it wastes time that could be spent on creating a relaxing and refreshing atmostphere in my home.

In order to get things accomplished in a timely and efficient manner we need tools. One of those tools is a Home Management Binder. This is a tool that I am currently developing and putting to use in the May household. Whether you are married or single, with kids or without, this binder can become an invaluable tool for managing your home well.

A binder like this one absolutely needs to be personalized but could include:
receipts, invitations, busienss cards, phone numbers, addresses, sports or class schedules, baby sitting information, pet information, meal planning and grocery lists, to-do lists, home maintenance, and more!

This week we'll be writing about how to create a Home Management Binder and the value it will bring to your home and family.

See you tomorrow!

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