Thursday, March 27

Time is Money!

I recently attended a seminar for work where the instructor said that according to Bill Gates, an activity will take you 10 times longer "if you don't have a system for it!"

That's what we are talking about here as we develop a Home Management Binder. Do you remember the last time your husband asked you where you put the rebate form from Home Depot? How about when you wasted so much time looking for directions to your cousin's wedding? You need a system!!

Stacy's posting (3/26/08) pretty much explains it all!
I just want to add, that your system...this Home Management Binder, will change as your season of life changes. For years, mine was full of kids' invitations and notices to activities, school, friends and doctors.

Now mine is not as full, but is still a main-stay on my desk as I file away my magazine subscriptions waiting to see if I want to renew.
I have a 'plastic business card holder' for my business cards for the handyman and business cards I want to refer to in the future.
I have other folders that are similar to Stacy's, I just use them differently in this season of life.

Develop your personal Home Management Binder and save yourself a whole bunch of time! If time is money...then maybe that is the secret to Bill Gates' wealth!

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