Tuesday, May 20

Fave Five

Have you seen T-Mobile's Fave Five commercials? They are marketing a calling plan that includes calls to your favorite five people.

My husband and I have been making our own Fave Five lists for years, but instead of our favorite five people it is a list of the top five things we want to do each summer.

Our lists might include trips we want to take, activities we want to participate in, places we want to visit (local or out of state) or summer hobbies to enjoy.

One way to ensure that you (and any present family members) get to do what you most like, is to have everyone write a Fave Five of summer activities. Fave Five lists might include: go swimming, take hikes, have picnics,
go camping, eat ice cream cones, take walks around the lake, go to concerts in the park, go to a bed and breakfast, spend a day at a water park, take bike rides (or learn to ride a bike), go to a parade, have a water balloon fight, go water skiing, read books....the options are endless.

Make your own Fave Five list. If you have a spouse give him a piece of paper and ask him to write his Fave Five. If you have kids, do the same.

Then keep those lists together or compile one big list and put it on the fridge. Plan ahead for the activities that need pre-planning. Otherwise choose from your list each week and have fun this summer!

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Chanda said...

I love this idea! I've already got Randy working on his fave five! This definitely is also a cure for those few evenings where we are caught in an, "I don't know what to do, what do you want to do?" trap! Thanks to both of you for all your wisdom!