Wednesday, May 28

Love Letters

For Mother's Day this year I gave Barb Love Letters to a Child: A Resource for Parents and Grandparents. I had been hanging onto it for about 6 months waiting to give it to her. I was so excited because I knew she would love it - and she does!

With the arrival of her grandson, this book is a fantastic resource to encourage Barb to write letters to Jonathan.

It is also a wonderful resource for mom/parents with children of any age. I have given it to numerous moms and each one has loved it!

The description on this book says: Writing a love letter to your child takes less than 10 minutes and is an easy and effective way to:
• Affirm your child’s uniqueness as a creation of God
• Bond with your child
• Celebrate and encourage character growth
• Document milestones in your child’s spiritual journey
• Establish a family legacy

This book doesn't tell readers to write lengthy letters to children/grandchildren that record perfectly all their activities and all your dreams and aspirations for them. It's about getting quick thoughts and stories on paper for children to read and know they are loved.

What a privilege to be able to affirm the little ones God has placed in your life today!

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