Tuesday, May 27

Really GRAND Memories...

Wow, our family made some memories this weekend. Baby Jonathan was born!! He was born early Sunday morning and his arrival captivated the rest of our holiday.

My husband and I became GRANDPARENTS.

Before his arrival, we were asked many times if we were ready to be grandparents. I have given it much thought, but it wasn't until I saw this little new life that I realized that grandparenting is like every other stage in life.

It doesn't just happen.

I hope I can...

1. Slow down and make time for the important things in life...not just the urgent. Get to know each grandchild and let them know I know what makes them special.

2. Be a good listener

3. Respect my grandchildren's parents' (my kids!). Give support more than advice.

4. Speak words of encouragement and truth into the lives of my grandchildren.

5. Share a skill, hobby or passion with each grandchild.

Sure, I can make a list of what I think is important, but my learning started long ago and like every stage in life, I now have to implement what I know...and keep striving to be better at what I don't know.

Becoming a 'Grand'-Grandmother is just another reason to become a wise woman today.

Any comments on what you think makes a 'grand'-grandmother? I would appreciate hearing what YOU think!

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