Thursday, May 8


Well, Dr Phil may say we all have 10 defining moments in our lives, but I tend to think I have alot more than 10. They aren't the big life-changing moments as he describes, so maybe I should call them 'mini-defining moments' that ultimately build habits in my relationships...for better or for worse.

Like the time I welcomed my husband home from work with a big hug and a kiss...only because I wanted to impress a friend of mine who was over for dinner. This was when I was a young wife but I remember to this day how I felt like a 'poser' immediately and had to search my soul as to why I didn't welcome him home in such a friendly way when no one was looking. That 'mini-defining moment' led me to change my ways and establish better habits. It probably wouldn't make my top-10 list of life-changing defining moments, but it ultimately affected my marriage and who knows what big defining moment came from having a better marriage.

Habits either separate or join me to another person. The point in time when I recognize whether an action is joining or separating is that 'mini-defining moment'! It is at that point when I decide whether that action is going to become a habit in my life or if I need to make some changes.

That point in time...those 'mini-defining moments' have been invaluable in shaping me into the individual I am today.

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