Thursday, May 29

LOVE That Book!

I could have several long novels written by now if all my journal writing was ever published. I was a journal writer way back when journaling wasn't even fashionable or even heard of!

I wrote when I was angry.

I wrote when I was entralled.

I wrote to remember.

I wrote to sort things out.

But most of what I wrote was detached. I never considered myself a writer, I just wanted to remember, so I wrote things down. I wrote in journals, on the back of napkins, in my Bible, along side a picture, in notebooks and on calendars. I was lacking a plan as to what I was writing and where I would put my words.

Reading Love Letters to a Child encompasses all the different kinds of writings I did and channels them into a legacy that I wish I could point to with all my writings. The quick notes, the words of affirmation, the description of an activity together can all be captured for the writer to review and the reader to cherish by following Tracey Finck suggestions.

Tracey says to write what is true and what is positive. It took me a long time to realize when I wrote that way, my writing really taught me.

Love Letters to a Child is the perfect book for women. Whether you are a writer or not. Whether you are a mom or not. Every woman can and should speak truth and goodness into other peoples' lives and this book will inspire you to do just that!

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