Friday, May 16

Home Improvement

We've talked a lot this week about to save, how to spend wisely, how to plan, how to live intentionally with regards to your income.

Today's homework is to look through the postings from this week and choose at least one idea, if not two or three, that you would like to consider implementing this summer in your home.

Maybe it's how much you buy, or what you buy, or where you buy. Maybe it's tips on reducing costs in your home.

Maybe it's an idea on how to train your kids about how to wisely use money and the habits you are developing in them when shopping and going out and about.

Maybe it is scheduling a time to talk with your spouse about how you will spend your rebate check.

Living intentionally means that we do so in ALL areas of our lives - including finances. Stretch yourself this summer to grow in a new way. Like The Compact group, maybe your life will never be the same again. Or, maybe you'll develop life-long healthy habits like Barb and her kids did years ago.

Post a comment and let us know what ideas you might implement this summer with your family!

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