Monday, May 12

Summer Savings

Summer is just around the corner (hopefully?!).

I thought this week would be a good time to talk about some summer savings tips.

Actually I think they are tips for most any time of the year, but summer savings sounds fun....doesn't it?

Most Farmer's Markets are up and running by this time of year. Look up a local farmer's market in your area and put it on the calendar. Not only is it a fun outing, it also provides a much cheaper alternative for grocery shopping. In my experience, fruits and veggies are cheaper when you're buying directly.

Spend the next 3 weeks trying to use up food in your pantry, cupboards, freezer and fridge. When I moved I found I had lots of expired food. I used them anyway (mostly things like cake mixes, cans, etc) and we lived to tell about it :) It is so freeing to have a smaller amount of food in my cupboards. You'll love having extra room in your fridge and freezer for summer meals or left overs. As you are working to clear your cupboards, you'll buy less when you're out (just fruits and veggies at the farmer's market!). So maybe you'll eat a few odd meals, but it will make great memories (popcorn and cheese & crackers is quite sufficient for a Sunday night dinner). Plus, we tend to eat less in the summer....remember that when shopping!

Try not to buy a single house-hold cleaner all summer. Use up what you have (I was horrified at the number of cleaning products I had when I combined them from all rooms around my home) or look online for home-made cleaning products.

Grill or make meals that are will keep everyone cooler and your house too!

Use fans instead of AC for as long and often as possible.

Only run your dryer, dishwasher and oven when it's cool out or at night. (Or, use a toaster oven when necessary).

Turn off the lights and if you have kids teach them to do the same!

Consider carpooling, walking or biking to nearby locations. Call up a friend or neighbor and offer to drive her (or the kids) to a scheduled outing or event. Consider cutting back or saying no to activities that will require you to drive longer distances. Combine appointments, errands and other to-do items to one or two days a week.

Go the library rather than buying movies and books this summer. It's a cheap outing, it's relaxing to sit and read (especially on a hot day if your AC isn't on) and you won't be tempted to buy anything!

Shut off the television, put aside the ads/magazines and enjoy the great outdoors. Ads and commercials increase consumer summer outfits, new summer decor, new sunglasses, new everything leads to more spending and less saving.

Putting into practice some of these tips will save money, benefit the environment and are sure to build good habits for the future!

If you have money-savings tips, please comment - we'd love to hear them.

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