Tuesday, May 6

That Defining Moment....

I think marriages are made up of alot of defining moments...we just don't 'define' enough moments as such.

Stacy knew as she headed to the couch with a blanket and pillow in hand that she was starting a precedent in her marriage. If she plopped herself down there for the night, the next time she got angry with her husband, it would be alot easier just to bolt for the couch without a thought.

When I was a kid, I was told a story about the indians. I don't know if it was true, but it sure stuck with me. I was told that the indians believed that they had a type of spinner in their heads. I had it pictured as a wheel with many spokes sticking out. The spokes were very sharp and each time an indian did something that would 'prick' his conscience, the wheel would spin and the sharp spokes would twirl around in his head, alerting him to the fact that he should pay attention to what he was doing and change his ways. If an indian ignored the sharp pricks they would eventually wear themselves down and no longer make the indian uncomfortable. The indians were taught to be aware of the the pricks, heed the pain and change their ways so that they would grow up to be a wise indian chief.

I think a defining moment may be abit like the spinning wheel. If we don't pay attention to the little voice in our heads warning us to be wise, we will wear down our conscience and we won't continue on to become the wise women we are meant to be.

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