Thursday, July 24

5 Things Never to Say to Your Spouse

Wow. That's a pretty strong headline, huh? I thought so when I read it. I was curious as to what 5 statements could be so detrimental that one would never want to voice them to his/her spouse.

Then I read the article from Marriage Partnership, and I have to agree with all of them. You can check the article out here.

This article challenged and encouraged me. And it reminded me that I have a long way to go.

Even after years of marriage there are always things to learn about the marriage relationship and about my husband specifically. As soon as I learn about Ryan, he's changing!

One thing I am committed to is to be constantly learning and growing when it comes to my marriage...reading books, talking, sharing, observing, reading the Bible and what it has to say about marriage, asking questions, talking with those further along in marriage.

Although it's challenging to read articles like this from Marriage Partnership, I believe they encourage us and force us to grow.

If you have a book or article or passage or quote that has challenged or inspired you in your marriage, please share!

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