Wednesday, July 2

Kilo 9

The following pictures are from a small 'village' we called Kilo 9 in the Dominican. About 40-50 people live there, and we helped to rebuild a few of their homes. The homes on the left and right have four different doors (like town homes) so multiple families live in each building, but have their own home.

What I want you to take note of is the area in the middle of the homes. See the ground? The rocks? The dirt? That's where the kids play. They have no grass. No playground. No slide or swing. No back yard. No basketball court.

This last picture is a very sweet memory for me. The last afternoon two girls from my team and I took a dozen kids from Kilo 9 and brought them to the compound/church where we stay. We had a huge grass field to play in, we swang, played basketball and soccer and kickball, colored and did other crafts, had snacks and enjoyed suckers.

It was a precious time to be able to love these kid and bless them with a fun afternoon. It was fun to see them go crazy over bubbles and swings and cold water and lollipops. It was a reminder that we are so blessed in the U.S.

With the 4th just days away, take time to plan activities for yourself or your family that enable you to enjoy all that you've been blessed with. Go to the park, play in the sprinkler, relax at a lake, sit by the campfire.... just remember to be thankful for the little things and say a prayer for the people of Kilo 9.

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