Monday, July 28

A wise woman builds....

My husband and I had a busy weekend! Here are a few photos that represent the current state of our lives....

Saturday we moved from our temporary housing into the home we have
been remodeling. Our house is in a bit of chaos....boxes, tools, and lots of projects.

The crazy part is that I
am loving being here! Of course, it's only been 48 hours, but it feels SO good to be home!

Last April I left my previous home of
five years and drove off into the sunset. I didn't know where we would be living or what our next home would be like. So even though my home is a construction zone (literally - I will post more pictures of that this week!) I feel so blessed to be here.

Tonight I washed dishes in the bathroom. It's really gross to wash dishes while looking at your toilet :)

But I realize that washing dishes in the bathroom while my kitchen is being remodeled is part of building my home.
Next week I may be frustrated, feeling unsettled and ready to be done with construction. But today I'm thanking God for the blessing of building my home!

What about you? What tasks are required of you today to build your home? What attitude is necessary to do them so that you build and not tear down?

I'm hoping I can choose carefully in the days and weeks to come....I'm hoping wisdom wins out over foolishness!

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