Monday, July 21

"Be A Good Mom...But Be A Great Wife!"

I've been a wife for almost 37 years! On Wednesday, my husband and I will celebrate our 37th anniversary! Have I been a great wife? Ummm, sometime 'yes' and sometimes 'no', but after that many years of marriage and 3 grown kids, I can say that there is alot of truth in that statement..."Be a good mom, but be a great wife".

Part of being a great wife means that I take responsibility. When I walk along side my husband, supporting him, encouraging him, helping him and sharing my views on a situation, I am moving forward in our marriage as a team player. A successful team, needs team players.

The times I feel like a great wife, are also the times I have felt I have had a great influence on my husband. That influence has been powerful in helping my husband become the man he was meant to be and has been reason enough to continue to want to be a great wife.

The times I thought I was a great wife, I almost always found myself pleased with my mothering as well. The opposite didn't always hold true!

Being a great wife means I have to intentionally move in that direction. It hasn't always been the easy choice, but it has always paid big dividends when I chose to be a great wife.

On July 23th, I will celebrate another year as my husband's wife, friend, confidant and mother of his children. After 37 years, I am still striving to be a great wife and a good mother.
I guess that makes the statement, 'a woman's work is never done', a true statement as well!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on 37 years and a great legacy! Thanks for sharing insight and part of your journey on this blog!


Arabela said...

Thanks for writing this.