Wednesday, July 9

Disappointment With God...

The title of this book caught my attention! I was in a used book store and came upon an old copy of Disappointment With God by Philip Yancey. I love his style of writing and the hard topics he chooses to write about, so I bought the book for pennies and have it practically all underlined!

Is God Unfair?

Is God Silent?

Is God Hidden?

...all I can say is you have to read the book to find out how Yancey uses the Bible to answer these questions!

His excellent style of writing allows the reader to get caught up in his thought processes with interest and personal application. Here's a line I have marked in red, " In the beginning, the very beginning, there was no disappointment. Only joy."

I found myself reading small portions at a time because I wanted to see how it fit into my relationship with the Lord. Was I disappointed with God? Could I be? Could I work through some tough questions I had 'stuffed' to this point in my life?

This isn't a 'beach book', but it is one that will sharpen your faith, I think.

I loved reading my challenge is to remember it!

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