Tuesday, July 29

A Wise Woman Builds...

Stacy isn't kidding when she says she is living in a construction zone. Their move is way beyond a 'normal' move.

As a Realtor, I see hundreds of homes all put together well and showing nicely. I am asked so often, "Don't you always want to move when you get to see so many homes that are available and so beautiful?'

My standard answer is, "No, I am not yearning to move, I just want to go home and clean my house." I have found that I can easily get discouraged or envious of the homemaker who has all her things in the appropriate place. The mother who has her children's rooms organized and color-coded. The woman who loves to garden and has a home with outstanding 'curb appeal'.

I usually see homes when they are 'staged' and ready to sell. I don't see the mess of moving but this weekend I was reminded of the reality of it.

Isn't that easy to do? Forgetting what life is really like, and thinking that everyone else's home is better, more organized, comfortable, prettier or more efficient? We don't get to see what really goes into building or sustaining a home too often. We are quick to hide our junk and just display our best to others and they do the same for us.

Moving brings the Homemaker to grips with the basics...with the best things packed away, we are left with only the mess and the 'stuff'. It is our attitudes that fill the home and begins to build memories into the spaces. I've learned over the years, that the best-dressed homes are homes where the people are sharing laugher, love and the lives of one another on a daily basis.

Sharing in Stacy's move this week on the blog is a great time to evaluate your home... is it 'staged' to impress others or is it busting forth with love, life and laughter?

Let's review...Proverbs 14:1 says "A wise woman builds her home, but with her own hands, the foolish woman tears hers down."

What kind of home are you building?

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