Wednesday, July 23

What Makes a Good Marriage?

Here's a riddle for you:

30% marry because of this...

50% say it's the second most important reason to wed...

Long married women call it the number one factor in making a marriage succeed...

What is it?

Well, I am a 'long-married' woman so I will give you the answer...FRIENDSHIP!

Did you peek, or did you know the answer after the first clue was given?

I met and married my husband really quickly 37 years ago. The odds that our marriage would last were very low in that our first 'date' was in February and we were married by July of that same year. Not a lot of time to establish a friendship. We spent many months after our wedding just getting to know each other. Thankfully, friendship has been a major part in the success of our marriage.

Dr Laura Schlessinger says the secret of a good marriage can be summed up in 4 words:

"Choose Wisely...Treat Kindly"

4 words that are key to a good marriage...and a good friendship.

The application of these four words and the building of a deep friendship takes a long time to establish.
That is why marriage needs to be forever!

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