Friday, July 25

Home Improvement...

We've been talking about marriage this week, so make this weekend a time to improve your relationship!

Have your husband write down 5 tasks he would love for YOU to do. It may be calling around for information, scrubbing the grill, cleaning out a space for him to store his tools, or buying some fertilizer. Have him write 5 things HE would like your help with.

You do the same. Write out 5 tasks you would love to see him accomplish. Trim some tree branches, hang up some hooks for the kids' coats, wash your car, give away old clothes he doesn't wear anymore, etc.

Write out each task on a separate small piece of paper. Put his tasks in a jar and put your tasks in another jar. Find a time during this weekend to 'draw' one task out of the jar for each of you to accomplish during the next week. You pull from the jar he put his slips in and he will choose a job from your jar. You will have all week to do it and then pull another piece of paper out of each other's jar and do another job the following week.

This Home Improvement will last you 5 weeks and hopefully it will bring you laughs and smiles as you see your home get a face lift as well as your relationship.

Expectations are so much a part of a relationship. Identify what it is that you expect your husband to do around the house and what he expects from you and then let each other know in a fun way. Put it in this format and I bet your expectations will be fulfilled. Enjoy!

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