Tuesday, October 20


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We had a lively discussion at Homemakers last night about this diagram. All of us wanted to skip over it, thinking it was another exercise in BALANCE and we weren't ready to take on that guilt trip again.

We have all been told to get our life in balance, right?

As we followed the instructions we found this diagram had a lot of potential.

The upper 'wheel' is an example of how one might 'rate' their level of satisfaction with each area of their life. The outer edge would be a '10', while putting a curved line near the center of the circle would indicate a 1 or 2. A curved line is drawn to create a new outer edge, indicating how that area of life is measuring up.

The bottom 'wheel' is for the reader to fill out!

Go ahead, try it!

The object isn't to get all 9s and 10s. The aim is to gain a visual aid that helps me to make choices that lead to a more SATISFIED life.

The beauty of this exercise is that what may look like a bumpy road to others, may be just fine with me!

I am challenged to repeat this exercise any time I am overwhelmed with life. It can help me evaluate my life situation and make appropriate adjustments to raise my satisfaction level.

Isn't that what being balanced is all about?

When REALITY and EXPECTATIONS match up...SATISFACTION is usually the payoff.

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