Monday, October 19

Personal Capital Account

Ever heard of it before? Carol Travilla says that we all have a personal capital account. It consists of our history, abilities, gifts, pain, forgiven sins, accomplishments, friendships, family, network, spiritual growth and reputation.

To determine what your account might look like ask yourself this question:

What is good about my life right now?

When I answered this question for myself, I quickly wrote down one-word answers. Later, I went back to review my response and realized I needed to be much more specific. In doing so, I really expanded my personal capital account and my outlook on life changed dramatically.

To figure out where our lives are going, we first need to figure out what is going on in our lives right now. It starts with good questions.

The second question Travilla poses is:

What concerns me about my life right now?
This questions identifies what fills my mind daily

The third question is;

What is lacking in my life right now?
By identifying what is lacking in my life, I will often find solutions for filling the void.


How do I want God to help me?
This question will help me to step out in faith, asking God to show me what I need to do to next.

At Homemakers with Hope, we shared our answers tonight. We agreed that this is an exercise that can be done often. It can be quite revealing if you are honest in your answers. Date the page when you are writing and save it to compare to the answers you have the next time around.

Are you up for a challenge? Take time to answer these questions for yourself...share them with us:) Don't get discouraged or overwhelmed. It is a process.

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