Wednesday, October 14

Changing seasonal/sizes children’s clothes Part 2

I have tried many ways of organizing my girls’ clothes, in the dresser, hanging in the closet. . .and we have landed on stacking on shelves and using buckets. They work for me as well as my girls. In Abigail’s room we have great shelves in her closet so together we organize her closet in a way that makes sense to her. This time around we have stacks of jeans, pants without matching tops, sweat suits, long sleeve shirts, short sleeves shirts, matching outfits and pajamas. Her socks, underwear and tights are in buckets. It makes it easy to put laundry away as well as easy for her to see all the choices she has. I do help her at bedtime choose her outfit for the next day. We talk about the weather, what her school day is like and basically what she feels like wearing. This really works well for her. She gets up in the morning and gets dressed right away (I must admit this does not work for me or my other daughter. I have tried to put clothes out the night before, but I have realized I am definitely a “what kind of mood am I in today” person. Maddie has inherited that same trait from me).

Here is a peek into Abigail's closet:

In Maddie’s room I also stack her clothes in piles but I also have buckets under what was her diaper-changing table (we have not gotten rid of it yet-it’s great storage). Each bucket has a different clothes item: long sleeve shirts, pajamas, diapers/underwear, pants, sweat suits and socks/tights. She knows what is in each one as well as all the stacks in her closet. When it comes to getting dressed I pretty much let her choose what she would like to wear, but there are times I need to redirect as she chooses clothes that do not match. I have found that limiting her choices, since she likes to have more of a say, works better for her. So I routinely hide some of her clothes and then rotate them.

Here is a peek into Maddie's buckets and closet:

My hope is you will begin to look at organizing in the light of knowing there is more than one-way to do something. Sometimes you need to do trial and error to find out what works best for you. Ask friends and family how they do things and then after trying a few, choose the one that works best for you. . .but always remember if something is not working for you-try something else. There is no right or wrong way to organize. I think the secret to being organized is finding a system that works for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

One more suugestion for those who have same gendered kids who may be close in size. My sister has 3 boys and as they got older she really had a hard time remembering which blue shirt belonged to which kid because they were changing and being passed down so often. Anyway, what she does now is puts a single dot on the label of all her oldest (biggest) child's clothes. She puts two dots on her middle child and three on the youngest (smallest). When her oldest child grows out of something she just adds a second dot and the next time she puuls that shirt out of the dryer she knows it belongs to her second child. Then when he grows out of it she adds one more dot so she then can identify to put it into her youngest child's closet. The boys can also easily identify what is theirs by how many dots it has. This has helped as they are getting more independent and responsible for picking up their own stuff and helping with laundry. Just an idea I thought might be helpful. Ginnie

Betsy said...

What GREAT ideas, Ginnie. . .thank you so much for sharing both of them!
(Be sure to check out Ginnie's other idea on the previous post)