Friday, October 30

Organizing idea for Halloween costumes

As I was cleaning my house yesterday I was reminded of the way I organize our costumes after Halloween, and I thought it might be a helpful idea to share today. My girls just love pretending, so dressing-up at Halloween is by far their favorite part. They love to pretend so much that I often hit the after-Halloween sales to pick up really cheap, good quality costumes. (My suggestion is to wait until they go at least 75% off before you buy extra costumes. . .that way you can really get some good deals). I needed a way to organize them all instead of throwing them all in a box/bin. I have finally found a way that works for us. We use our basement as a playroom so at the bottom of the stairs we hung three, 4-peg hooks on the wall. (see photo below) We then hang all the costumes we have collected/worn over the years. We can easily hang two costumes per hook. This makes the costumes easy to see and easy to put away. I also think it is an inviting way to enter our playroom. I do have one plastic tub right inside my storage room door where we keep all the accessories to the costumes (hats, crowns, helmets. . . things that cannot be easily hung). Every year we weed through the costumes and get rid of those that no longer fit Maddie. It is a really good way to get a lot of use out of the costumes we buy each year (I also try to buy the costumes a little big for both girls so that they can really play in them for a good year or more).

Please feel free to share your storage ideas in the comment section below. You never know if your idea will help someone be a little less stressed about her holiday!


Stacy said...

What have you found are the best stores for after-Halloween sales for both home decor and costumes? I haven't really bought much of either but I wouldn't mind having a few things as the kids get older.

Your biggest fan

Betsy said...

You are way to kind to me Stacy!

I love the costumes they have at Old Navy. They are pretty cheap before Halloween so after it's a great deal. They are really geared for smaller children so for your two it would be a perfect place to shop. Abigail was the lion one year and it is by far my most favorite costume ever! They are actually really well made and last a long time. Maddie still wears that costume.

TJ Maxx and Marshall's are also great places to find well-made costumes (as well as home decor-a lot of variety, but it can be hit or miss). I don't mind the costumes from Target, Wal-Mart, Joann's, etc., but you really have to look for the quality made ones. We have our Elmo, Cookie Monster and Blue's Clues costumes from those stores so you can find some good ones.

Pottery Barn Kids has beautiful costumes, but I think they are really expensive even on sale. I have purchased quite a few of my plates/decorations from there though. You can get everything for your table for a really great price. They often will put their stuff on sale before Halloween each year as well. It is fun because they have everything from tablecloths to silverware to cups to plates and they all coordinate. I would recommend you go early to this store; their stuff sells out fast when it goes on sale.

My one piece of advice would be to buy only those things you absolutely LOVE. If you buy only because it is on sale, you will find something you like better the next year. I absolutely love the plate sets I have and it makes it so much fun to open my decoration boxes every year.

Hope that helps a little. . .happy shopping!