Thursday, October 8

caramel apples

Another fall tradition at our house is making caramel apples. Yes, they are a little messy to make with little hands, but fun none-the-less. This year I discovered these caramel bits that make the process so much easier. No more unwrapping each caramel-yeah! Here are the ingredients I use:

12 small apples (I use Honeycrisp)

2 bags of caramel bits

2 Tbsp water

1 bag of peanut butter and milk chocolate chips

1 bag mini milk chocolate m&m’s

2 microwavable bowls (I used two bowls since I have two girls. They each had their own bowls to hold the apples over as they covered them with the caramel)

wax paper

Place the caramel bits in the bowl with 1 Tbsp of water. Melt caramel. It should only take a minute or 2 depending on the power of your microwave. I usually try 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between each time.

While the caramel is melting, help your kids push the sticks into each apple. (sticks come in each packet of caramels)

Place wax paper onto a couple of plates to place the apples after they are ready.

Place m&m’s and other toppers in separate bowls to dip.

After the caramel is melted, have each child dip the apple in one at a time. (If you use a small narrow bowl it will be easier for them to dip). Once the apple is covered, hold the apple above the bowl and twirl a little to let the excess drop off. Next hand a topping to the child to add to their apple. They can set the apple directly into the topping and with their hands press the topping onto the sides. This is the messy part. Once the apple is covered, place on the wax paper. It is best if you can place them directly in the fridge to set-up, but most of us do not have the fridge space for that. As you can see by my apples below, the toppings are falling off but they still taste delicious, they just don’t look that perfect.

I hope you will find some time this fall to make these with your kids. . .or just for yourself. If you are a peanut butter lover, you have to try the ones with those chips-they are delicious! Enjoy!

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