Friday, October 2

response to comment. . .

Yesterday someone commented on my thoughts on chapter one so I thought I would post it today to clarify if anyone else had the same question. Anonymous asked:

Could you elaborate on "ones who have less?" This phrase makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason though I can't pinpoint why.

When I was referring to those with more and less I was using it in a broad sense to represent all the ways we as women compare ourselves to other women. We look at other women and what they “have” or “do not have” and compare ourselves to them (i.e. their house, whether they are married or not, whether they have a supportive husband, whether they have kids, whether their kids are good/bad. . .all our perception of those things). We also compare ourselves to other women’s strengths or weaknesses (what we perceive as either). We tend to think less of ourselves when we compare ourselves to others strengths, but we also can do the opposite and compare ourselves to others weaknesses to make us feel better about ourselves. Both are very destructive to the way we view ourselves. God designed us each with unique strengths, and the last thing we should be doing is comparing them to others strengths or tearing someone else down because of a weakness-we all have too many of those and would not like others to be judging us based on them. It is not our job to look at others and judge them based on our perceptions of their strengths and weaknesses. My main point was what a change we could have on our families if we spent more time looking at the way God made us and His design for our lives than looking around at others and what they seem to have or not have. I hope that helps clarify things for you a bit. . .thanks for the question.

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