Thursday, October 15

Seasonal storage

I love the change in seasons and changing out my seasonal decorations. I thought I would share how I store my decorations and the process I use as I decorate for the fall. I discovered these sterilite containers years ago when I was teaching and I have been hooked ever since. Unfortunately these particular sterilite containers are now discontinued, but there isn’t a shortage of choices out there. The only reason I am sad I can not get these same ones is it is so convenient to have them all the same so they stack well. It just makes my life simpler. I also love the simplicity of the way they look. And let’s face it; I am one of those people who really, really like everything to match! I will say that the key to this is that bins you choose to purchase should be the same if you wish your system to flexible, efficient and easy to organize. Since all my tubs are the same kind, I can switch, stack and restack with little effort. This is very helpful for a busy mom.

I am blessed to have a great storage room in my basement. I keep all of my seasonal decorations in this room. (I know not everyone has a storage room to place all their decorations in. That is why it is so great to have all the choices that are available now when it comes to storage: tubs designed to go under beds, stacked in a closet, or even stored in a garage. Just take a walk through your house, find the available space then go out and find the tub that meets your needs). I have a select number of tubs for each holiday. When it comes time to change out my decorations, I pull the tubs for that holiday and bring them upstairs to where I want to decorate. As I pull out each new decoration and find a place for it, I will often take down a current decoration/photo etc. I then place those items into the tub I just emptied until the fall season is over. When it comes time to take down the fall decorations, I will pull those items out of the tubs before returning all the fall decorations to their home. I feel taking down some of my current decorations helps the room not become overwhelmed with stuff.

Well, this is my process; I would love to hear yours. As I stated before there is no right or wrong way to organize, just the way that works best for you. Organization is often a trial and error thing. If something isn’t working for you change it. Ask friends and family what works for them and use the ones that fit your personality and style. I hope this helped you think about the way you store your seasonal decorations. Enjoy your Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Betsy, you have these bins labeled from the inside?

Betsy said...

Since they are clear, most of them are NOT labeled.
I have labeled my Christmas ornament tubs mainly because I have four tubs that look very much the same and it is difficult to tell the difference with just a quick look. I have one box of ornaments to use on the family tree, one box that includes the girls ornaments for their small trees in their rooms and then two boxes for the girls when they move out on their own one day. (I didn't like that when my mom gave me all my childhood ornaments she was left with none, so when my first daughter was born I decided to buy a new ornament each year for her for Christmas. It is not a fancy/expensive ornament, but one that has something to do with what she has liked that year. I place one on our tree each year and buy a second one for their ornament box. I will give them their box when they move out on their someday).
Sorry, that is probably more information that you wanted. . .thanks for the question.

Betsy said...

I should have added that I just printed out "Abigail's ornaments" on a piece of computer paper and dropped it in the tub. This could easily be done for each tub. Hope that is helpful-thanks!