Monday, October 26

Did You Do Halloween?

That's a question I am asked by younger women this time of year. They are wondering if my kids participated in Halloween activities.

I usually respond with a resounding YES! I know there are families that really don't want to encourage the dark side of Halloween, but I always saw it as an opportunity to stretch our kids' imagination!

What is more fun for kids than to dress up and play pretend?

Only humans have imagination, so let Halloween be a time when your kids are really encouraged to use their imagination.

Imagination will keep your kids occupied for hours.

A child's frame of reference is stretched with each new experience. Halloween is a great time to heighten an experience with dress-ups and props.

My mom made the greatest costumes for me when I was a kid and I still remember her excitement as I ventured out into the night as a princess, pirate or hobo. Memories can be made as parents interact with their children and imaginations make magical characters come alive.

Most moms take a ton of photos...but also provide many mirrors for your child on Halloween! Let them dress up all this week. Encourage them to stand in front of a mirror what ever their age. Have them make faces to discover a new 'mask' for themselves. Mirrors have a way of making a fussy child smile.

Halloween requires alot of parental involvement. Monitoring the treats, preparing the costumes, deciding which activities are appropriate, decorating the house, carving a jack-o-lantern....whew! Make Halloween a week long October-fest and let your own imagination be your guide!

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