Saturday, November 14

Honor despite chaos and craziness

As I think about this upcoming holiday season I almost want to put my head under the pillow and take it out on January 1. With two little kids and less sleep than I am used to getting, planning for, thinking about and celebrating the holidays might put me over the top this year!

A lot of people try to just survive the holidays with cooking, baking, shopping, cleaning, entertaining, etc. So much of my time and attention these days is focused on just surviving my days and getting through to the next one with all family members alive and kicking (and if they're clean and fed we're doing really good!). Things are chaotic and crazy and we're learning how to manage that a little more each day.

The holidays can stress me out with all their busyness and activity. Don't get me wrong - I love it. But it can be crazy as you all know and this year will be crazier with a newborn and toddler. When I am stressed and tired I tend to take it out on my husband. But I don't want our first Christmas as a family of four to be memories of me crabby at Ryan because I'm overtired and over scheduled.

Rather than allowing the holiday season to stress me out (when does a mother of two young children go Christmas shopping or find time to create, print, address and mail Christmas cards?), I want to pause, take a deep breath and enter into the holiday season carefully and intentionally.

I need to recognize that my plate is already very full. This means I have to say no to some good and fun things.

I also want to be sure that family is our first priority. Immediate and then extended. All other activities, parties and events come after family. If I keep this top of mind, then it will help make my decisions (regarding both time and money) easier.

I think these two things will help me honor my husband as well. We can continue our traditions if we choose this year or we can put them on hold for one season and know we'll pick them up again next year. We can take time to celebrate our precious miracles rather than see them as a burden that keeps me from having a beautifully decorated house this Christmas. We can get sitters and go on a date or two so that we can celebrate together all that's taken place in the past 12 months.

So much of life is about being intentional. The holidays are no different. And this year I can still honor my husband even in the midst of a little chaos and craziness!

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