Friday, November 6

Saying thank you

What comes to mind when I think of gratefulness and manners is thank you notes.

For some people thank you notes seem outdated and a waste of time. For others, they are simply not optional.

I fall somewhere in between. I truly believe in the importance of thank you notes because it reminds me to be grateful to the giver - whether that's for a gift, an act of service, time, friendship or more. But I don't always take the time (or remember) to say thank you.

I think thank you notes also remind me to be intentional. It makes me think about the giver and helps me to appreciate their act of kindness.

Having just received meals for the last 7 weeks, I am incredibly grateful for those who have served my family this way.

A number of people who have given us baby gifts or meals have said not to write a thank you but this is difficult for me. I want to show my gratitude. I need to show my gratitude. And the polite thing to do is write a thank you note.

I'm not sure what I'll do in this case, but I do know I want to continue to strive to acknowledge kindness with a thank you - whether that's verbally or written. And I want to teach my children to as well.

Sitting down to write thank you notes takes time and discipline and is a habit that is developed when used regularly. I still have a long way to go, but thank goodness there's not a time limit on saying 'thank you.'

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