Tuesday, November 24

The Pilgrims

Are you hard-pressed to remember how the Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving? That story is part of our history and is worth remembering with our children.

When the Pilgrims left England to find religious freedom, they knew they were taking a horrible gamble. They were just like us...raising their families. They felt God was calling them and were determined to follow. There were 102 people crammed into a boat the size of a volleyball court. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean, knowing that the Virginia colony that they were heading for had suffered an 80% mortality rate. Would we have followed God's calling?

They arrived at what is now Plymouth. They lost 47 of their friends during the first winter.

Then God provided Squanto. Fifteen years earlier, he and 4 other Indians had been captured by Captain George Weymouth. They were taken to England where they were taught the English language. Squanto spent 9 years in England and then God miraculously provided a way to bring him back to the New World. Upon arriving, Squanto hoped to work on board a ship but the captain took him captive, shipped him off to Spain where he was sold as a slave. Squanto was purchased by local priests and eventually gained passage back to the New World. Again.

Squanto arrived 6 months before the Pilgrims. His entire tribe was gone...dead. He lost hope. Eventually, he came across the new English colony that was desperately trying to survive.

Imagine the surprise of the Pilgrims when this Indian came into their settlement, offering help... and speaking English! He taught them to fish, hunt, plant and use herbs for medicinal treatments.

The story eventually ends with the first Thanksgiving feast. But it is the details leading up to the feast that makes us again remember God's provision and faithfulness.

I love that story. Kids love that story. It's another reason to pause and REMEMBER this Thanksgiving week. To remember and give Thanks.

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