Monday, November 23


Remembering...that's what this holiday is all about. Remembering our heritage. Reclaiming a day in our busy lives that is usually full of things to do. This day we want to remember.

A friend of mine shared with me that her family was going to pull out their 'treasure chest' this year before the Thanksgiving Dinner. She went on to describe a box of momentoes that her family had collected over the years. It made me want to turn back time and build a treasure chest with my family.

I asked her to explain what it consisted of. She said there was a small plastic horse in one corner of the box. That was for the time her husband and son had a terrible accident while horse-back riding together. The big horse fell for some reason, pinning their 3 year old son under the horse. The horse got up quite quickly but turned and kicked the boy. My friend's first reaction was that she had just witnessed the death of her son. By God's grace the boy escaped severe injury. The plastic horse was a rememberance of God's goodness.

She said there was a pencil in the box representing a business transaction her husband had made years ago. It was a tough decision her husband had to make, but by a letter he wrote, a huge business opportunity came his way a few years later. Time had passed, but the pencil went into the box so the family would never forget.

She went on telling me about the treasures, just remembering them in her head because her family had taken the time to establish a way to remember. They don't review them every year, but this year it was time again to remember around their treasure chest.

May this week be a time to remember and give thanks for your family.

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