Tuesday, November 17

Mindless Eating

I read an interesting article last week. The article was entitled, Obesity of our Spending and our Bodies. It gave a different twist to holiday spending and eating.

Kathleen Vohs, a marketing professor found that "exerting self-control in more than one area at a time is difficult."

I never thought about that before.

"Your ability to control your behaviors is like a precious resource, there is not going to be enough to go around, " Vohs said.

She maintains that you need to give yourself time in between a Christmas buffet and a shopping trip in order to "give your self-control time to rejuvenate by spreading out activities that will tax your willpower." Interesting.

I mentioned Dr Brian Wasnick yesterday. He's the author of Mindless Eating.

In it, he says “People’s tastes are not formed by accident.... The key to the quickest way to eliminate mindless overeating is to start at home. We need to set up our daily environment and routine so we can eat the right amounts of food we enjoy."

That is alot to think about on top of the holiday rush, but we are all going to be decorating and baking this season, let's keep in mind what we are communicating to our families as we set our food before them.

Check out this fun website http://www.mindlesseating.org/ It's encouraged me in little ways to be intentional as my family's 'Nutritional Gatekeeper'...if not during the holidays...then soon afterwards:).

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