Tuesday, November 10

Honor Your Husband...Even during the Holidays!

I probably wouldn't have had to learn to honor my husband during the holidays if I had started the tradition my girlfriend did when she got married.

She celebrates the 12 days of Christmas, giving a gift to her husband each day. (I think she gives just one gift a day, but perhaps she gives a number of gifts each day as the song goes.) She doesn't spend a lot of money on each gift it's just a way to let her husband know he is on her mind as she shops for others. It has grown into a wonderful tradition that her husband tells everyone about!

It began 37 years ago! The last time I asked her about it she hadn't missed a year!

I tried it one year. It was a fabulous way to focus on my husband but for whatever reason, I didn't keep it up. (Betsy, I think you give your husband gifts for the 12 days of Christmas, don't you? Share how that works for you!)

An older woman told me once to write down my expectations for the holidays and that got me thinking about really honoring my husband as one of my expectations. That actually changed some of my other expectations.

It's not too early to think about the holidays when a new tradition or habit needs to be put into place. If you have a tendency to dwell on your kids and extended family alot during this season, perhaps your husband is abit displaced. Give it some thought.

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