Thursday, November 12

Showing Love...

My husband and I have known each other since we were sixteen. I love that I have known him since my teen years because I have memories that remind me how head over heels in love with him I was at such an early age. I am also reminded of the crazy ways I would go above and beyond just to show him how much I cared about him. Tucked away on a shelf in our basement is a box that I made for him in high school. I decided the best way to give him his present that year was to take him on a scavenger hunt. At the end of the hunt was a box that I had decoupaged and bedazzled.... yes bedazzled. I glued on pictures, quotes about love, Precious Moments coloring pages, and stickers. On the inside I typed up every memory I could think of that we had shared. I clearly took a lot of time on this box. His gift was inside but I was so much more excited about the box. Years later as we were moving into our first home I saw that my husband had kept that box all of those years. I love that the way that I had presented his gift to him that year made him feel loved.

I have to admit that over the years I have not always bedazzled my husband's gift boxes... but maybe I should. Like Betsy, there have been years in our marriage that we have decided not to do gifts for each other. I still want to make my husband feel special though. I still want to take extra time to tell him my favorite memories from that year or share what I appreciate most about him. Holidays are a great time to set aside time to make your spouse feel appreciated and special. Whether that comes from a sparkly memory box or really thoughtful card, encourage your man this season.

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