Wednesday, January 27

3 Ingredient Taco Dip

This may be the easiest taco dip you ever make and it is so very tasty. A friend brought it over the holidays I couldn't get enough of it. It is great on its own or could be used in a typical Mexican layer dip if you choose. I think it would be a great football game appetizer.

1 pkg Top the Tater (found by the sour cream)
1 pkg cream cheese
add a few tsp of taco seasoning (for color-not needed for flavor)

Serve chilled with a bag of Doritos for dipping-Doritos really make the difference.

Enjoy! Thanks for the recipe Liz!


Katy said...

Betsy, I am always drawn to an easy & recommended recipe! What flavor is the "Top the Tater" product? I've never had that.

Betsy said...

"Top the Tater" is the flavor I believe-there is just one kind-it's a bright green container found by the sour cream. I was nervous I'd have to chose between a bunch of flavors, but there is only that one. Let me know if you have trouble finding it-I hope you enjoy it!