Monday, January 11

How Wise are You?

A woman isn't wise because of what she knows, she is wise in the way in which she lives.

The start of a New Year is a great time to take stock of how we lived in 2009. Did you live wisely? It sure is easier to put a plan into place than to execute it so that is why it is important to step back and examine just what we did.

Do you have a notebook or journal you can review? Notes from sermons or CD's that you enjoyed?

I have used probably every form of 'recording my life' possible so I could comment on the effectiveness of many systems, but the important thing is to record something each year.

Three items have become foundational in my growth each year. Not only to keep me on track but to have something to examine at the end of each year.

First, I have a notebook that I put all my notes from the year in. This is where I put my book reviews, my notes about my theme and other notes that I found useful during the year. There have been years where I used this notebook as a journal, writing in it everyday.

Secondly, I have a calendar from every year. I try to find a really flat one that fits inside my notebook. This has taken the place of my journal in that I record prayer requests in it and other important happenings. I love looking back at this calendar at the end of every year to be reminded of answered prayers and tough decisions that had to be made. This is an invaluable tool for keeping me mindful and grateful.

Thirdly, I have a Bible that I use only for highlighting the verses I know. This Bible prompted me to choose my theme for last year, as I realized I could mark alot of verses I was familiar with, but really didn't know them well. What I have found to be valuable about this tool, is that I can grab it at any time and take it with me when I know I have some time to review my verses. Dr appointments, waiting to pick up someone, business appointments that might keep me waiting...I don't need to have any fancy system. I just take this Bible with me and I have something that will be of value as I go about my day.

As young moms, I know your days are full, but that is all the more reason to find a system to record your simply as you can. Prayers, Bible verses, books read and quotes that are meaningful are just a few of the essentials that will feed your soul and remind you daily what it means to live in a wise manner. If you record just a page a year, you will have something to look back on and say, 'yes', I remember those days and I remember learning that piece of insight, whatever that might be. It will build on itself and soon you will have 5, 10, 15 years to look back on and see why you are the woman you have become.

That's when you will be living is a wise woman.

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