Wednesday, January 13

Participate in your growth. . .my thoughts

Participate in your growth was the title of Barb’s last post. What a novel idea huh? Be present, be purposeful, be intentional. I would guess that those are things we all want to be. I had a hard time thinking about what to write in response to Barb’s post, but it got me thinking back to our last homemakers meeting when we talked about what if our ultimate pursuit was knowing God. Shouldn’t we as Christian women be focusing on that? As Christians we sometimes get so caught up in the rituals and disciplines of Christianity that we lose sight of that purpose. The rituals and disciplines become our god instead of focusing on God and letting that determine our rituals and disciplines. It may seem like semantics, but I don’t think it is. I think that out of a purposeful relationship with Jesus comes a desire to spend time with him, a desire to put in place things in your life to help you focus on God. We live in a world, especially in America, that bombards us with everything possible to distract us. I say it often, but I think one of Satan’s greatest tools is busyness. We need to put into place rituals and routines that help us refocus and play an active role in our growth. We are saved by grace, but if we are truly focused on knowing God, there should be evidence in our life that we are loving Him. I hope I am making sense. I think as we strive to be wise women we need to have strategies in place to help up stay focused and on the right path.

I struggle each year in January as I figure out how best achieve this goal. Some years I use a notebook, some a calendar. . .I haven’t found the perfect system and maybe I never will since life changes so much. I think the main thing is that each year I am trying to keep my actions in check with my purpose. I would love to hear ideas from you on ways you record and measure your growth.

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