Thursday, January 21


I am a big fan of starting things. I love starting simple things like crafts or organizing a closet. I even love starting more challenging things like new responsibilities, relationships, or activities. I am not a big fan of completion. I have many a craft undone in my craft room. I have a closet upstairs that is half organized. I have relationships that got started wonderfully but somehow I have lost touch with some due to the busyness of life. Does this sound familiar with any of you?

That is why when I sit down to write about goals or priorities I get a little discouraged. Will this be something I aim to complete but fail? Because life is busy and I am running on little sleep I get tempted to say that the only thing I am going to complete this year will be to love my husband and my sweet little girls. These are worthy priorities but I need to set some goals even in the busy times. Otherwise, how will I grow? How will I continue to become the woman God wants me to be if I take a timeout for a year because I am a young mother? I am clearly not saying that this would be the year to decide to take on new activities or commit to reading a book a week. That would be nonsense. But I am saying that even in this time when I am spread thin, I want to be growing and learning.

So, how am I going to succeed this year? I am going to evaluate myself on my goals. I honestly see the wisdom in a weekly evaluation. One of my goals is to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning with healthy snacks in between meals. On Sunday I am looking back at my week to see how I did. On the mornings I didn't do so great I can look and see what caused me to slip. Was I rushing to get out the door or was I just choosing something sugary despite my goal to eat healthier during the day?

This self evaluation will take some alone time and that is just what I need. I am in a demanding season of life and that is all the more reason for me to be intentional. I don't want to struggle to just keep my head above water this year or have intentions that never reach completion. This year I see my priorities clearly and have set goals that will be completed.

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Katy said...

Heidi, I could have written your first paragraph myself! :) Except my children are older and I thought I'd be a lot better at finishing things at this stage of life. God continues to delight & surprise me with how he fills my days!

I have been trying to move more this year. Hope you are doing great with your breakfast choices!