Monday, January 18


At homemakers we are always talking about our priorities. How do we know how to prioritize our lives?

When trying to figure out what your priorities are for this year...or for January, ask youself the simple question,

"Can someone else do this?"

If someone else can do what you are agonizing over, perhaps you should let someone else do it! If, however, only you can fill those shoes, you have identified a priority that you need to put on your list of MUST DO.

Can only you love your husband? (I hope the answer is yes!)

Can only you breast feed your baby?

Can only you speak words of comfort to your child?

Can only you take care of your body?

Can only you be responsible for eating healthy food?

Can only you move your body today to get your heart pumping?

Can only you hide God's Word in your heart?

Can only you honor your mom today as a daughter?

Can only you pray for your kids with a mother's heart?

Can only you clean your house?

Can only you know when your friend needs to hear from you?

Can only you do the dishes?

Can only you do the job you were hired for...and getting a paycheck for?

Can only you build your house as in Proverbs 14:1?

If you ask yourself questions beginning with "Can only you..." you will find it easier to identify your priorities.

January 2010...what are your priorities for the season in life that you are in?

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Anonymous said...

This is great advice! Really good perspective.