Tuesday, January 19

Life is Cumulative!

What we do in January will pay off for us next December. So what are you doing today that is significant in building your life?

Once you have identified what your priorities are, you are ready to set up some goals for yourself.

Goals are something YOU can master. If you say you want a good marriage you really can't say that is a goal. It is dependent on you AND your husband.

A marriage goal for January might be to speak a word of encouragement to your husband daily. It is something you can be responsible for and follow thru with it. It is measureable.

What goals do you have for your physical health?

What are your goals for your mental/emotional health?

Do you have any goals for the friendships in your life?

What goals can YOU be responsible for financially in 2010?

What are your spiritual goals?

What you do today will add to your quality of life or will come back as a burden.

Write down your goals in PRESENT tense.


Make them manageable for the season of life you are in.

Look at your goals daily or at least weekly. At the end of every month, adjust what you need to in order to keep those goals manageable and achievable for yourself.

Life is cumulative, so be sure your life is accumulating the right stuff!

Identify your priorities. Set some goals. Enjoy defining your life.

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