Friday, January 15

Year in Review

If you don't have a lot to review on your own, here's are few questions to help you wrap up 2009:

1. What was the 'moment of the year' for you in 2009?

2. Who was the 'person of the year' that influenced you the most?

3. What didn't work for you this year?

4. What was good for you in 2009?

5. How many books did you read this year?

6. What is one thing you learned from a book?

7. What one choice did you make during the year that you will remember?

8. What Bible verse meant alot to you this year? Did you memorize it?

These questions will only begin making sense to you as you make a habit of asking yourself these questions each year. You will begin to be on the look for people speaking into your lives. Your 'moment of the year' might be the birth of a child to the death of a parent. You will be present in the moment each day. You will be more mindful of what, if anything you are reading.
We are forever reviewing ourselves in many other areas of life...our personal growth should be right up there in importance.

Asking yourself these questions and more will help you appreciate the life you are living. You will see how God is working it altogether for good even when everyday seems like a blur.

Examine yourself as you lived 2009. It will help you navigate 2010 all the more.

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