Thursday, October 23

And Waiting...

"Waiting on the Lord" is not without activity.

Stacy shared yesterday how she and Ryan did not want their infertility to 'define' their marriage or this time in their lives. I was touched when they shared this at a church service, thinking how wise of them to identify a trap that many people find themselves in when waiting. It becomes all about themselves or all about their problem. People who 'wait' often pull everyone who will listen into their pain and their waiting period becomes a time of re-hashing the problem.

Stacy and Ryan deliberately chose not to do this.

It was an eye-opener to me as I saw them continue on with their lives reaching out to others and sharing their pain with just a few close friends who supported them in prayer and love.

"Waiting on the Lord" can be a defining spiritual exercise. Not easy, but very life-changing when the time is used to listen for God's leading.

Learning contentment is a by-product of 'waiting' as well. Contentment doesn't come from getting what I comes from waiting on the Lord to show me His perfect plan.

This week, as I wait on the Lord for Samuel to become 'ours', I must focus my attention on what is true, delight in what God has provided up to now and give thanks that we have this opportunity to love Samuel each day.

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