Friday, October 3

From this?!

Currently my dryer is not working (unless I don't mind the greasy black marks it leaves on clothing) so I'm putting my clothesline to good use.

I don't mind it really....although it does take a lot longer to hang clothes on the line rather than toss them in the dryer. And I wonder how moms with a bundle of kids at their feet could possibly find time to hang clothing for their entire family (many moms do that!).

As I was hanging my clothes this week I got to thinking: this is a far cry from my relaxing days on the beach last week.

But there is actually something soothing about hanging clothes out to dry. It brings me a sense of peace. I can't really explain it.

Would I love a new dryer? Absolutely.

I'll get one before our Minnesota winter really sets in.

Until then, I'm hanging my clothes, reminding myself to be thankful for the privilege of caring for my home.

For Home Improvement this weekend stop yourself just once, in the midst of caring for your home....and be thankful.


Kristin said...

Few homes in New Zealand have clothes dryers. They're power suckers and electricity is extremely expensive here!! So I've gotten used to hanging out clothes. It's especially difficult when you live in a rainy climate...the first thing I think of when I see it's a sunny day is "ooo, I should do a load of laundry and get it on the line." Most of the time I enjoy it...I understand that unexplainable peace...but those winter days when everyone is burning coal in the neighborhood kind of makes your clothes smell bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy, the dryer at our last house did this cost us about $100-150 to fix it. Just thought you'd like to know.

You're blog is so fun to read and I love to catch up on Samuel!

All our love, Liz