Wednesday, October 22

While I'm Waiting

Pastor John Fuller says, "Be assured of this, if you are not in it right now, God will call all of us to waiting periods in our lives."

What do we do with our waiting periods?

We can become...

angry. jealous. hardened. depressed. frustrated. bitter.

Or we can...

love. serve. believe. worship. give. care. trust. grow.

It's our choice.

Sometimes I've made the wrong choice. But thankfully I recognized my choices and asked the Lord to clean me out of anything that was not of Him.

In the Spring of 2006 Ryan told our church family that we would not be defined by waiting. We would be defined by service. Ryan and I were participating in a service project when we got the call about Samuel. Isn't God good?

A friend shared this song with me recently. It is one of the one most powerful songs I've ever heard. The lyrics tell us exactly what we should do with our wait.

LISTEN to the words.

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