Monday, October 6

Do You Believe In Miracles?

My husband and I were in Nevada this past week. On Saturday morning, about 9:00 his cell phone rang. It was our son, Ryan, calling from Minneapolis.

"Please pray for Stacy and me. We have been out picking up trash in Northeast Mpls for a community project. It is 11:00am in Mpls and we just received a phone call from a friend who knows of a 19 year old girl who delivered a baby boy yesterday. She is looking for someone to adopt him, and we are going to meet her at 1:30 this afternoon. She wants to meet us and perhaps consider us to be the baby's parents!"

That was the essence of our conversation. Stacy called about 1:00 Mpls time as they were driving to the hospital.

"Please keep praying. We don't know what will really happen at 1:30, but just pray that we have wisdom and empathy for this mom we are meeting."

My husband and I were fit to be tied. We only had 2 short conversations, and we spent the rest of the time in prayer. I lost track of time, but about 2 hours later, we got a third phone call.

"The birth mom signed a release for Stacy and me to handle the decisions about this new baby boy. We both have hospital bracelets on, identifying us as the baby's care-giver and Stacy is feeding the baby right now. The birth mom signed the papers and she went home!"

Less than a month ago, Stacy and Ryan experienced their second miscarriage and our family has been struggling to know how to make sense of it...and then we got the phone call. This is the most fun posting I will ever write because it is nothing short of a miracle. The miracle continues, come back tomorrow to read more...

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Just wanted to say congrats to you! God is so good. I can't wait to meet this little miracle.