Wednesday, October 29

Praising God for lessons learned...

I've been thinking a lot this week about my journey. My journey of infertility. My journey of loss - two babies who are now in heaven. My journey of waiting on the Lord.

What do I do now with my journey? How has it impacted and changed me? Does the gift of Samuel now mean that my journey is over? Do I transition from three years of waiting to...non-waiting in the blink of an eye?

I have so many emotions and thoughts to think through and process.

One thing I know for sure...
My journey of waiting was not wasted. It changed me forever and I am forever grateful. It brought me to my knees before the Lord - I could not control my conception (even though I tried!) - and I had to rely in total dependence on the God of the universe.

Through my journey of loss and waiting I know that God used me and I know today that He is continuing to use me. I am currently communicating with various women via e-mail who are still waiting or have suffered the loss of little ones in their womb. My heart aches for them and I identify with every emotion. My hope and prayer is that God would use my experiences to encourage them on their journey.

This quote speaks perfectly to that:
"Our sufferings may be hard to bear, but they teach us lessons which, in turn, equip us to help others."
- Billy Graham

Today I'm curious to know: what have your sufferings taught you? How has your life journey changed you? What lessons have you learned that allow you to help others?

It's good to reflect and ponder the challenges, suffering, and miracles of life.

Let's share with one another and praise God for it all.

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