Wednesday, October 8


The miracles continued into the next day... (Read Monday and Tuesday's posting)

Ryan and Stacy returned to the hospital and were allowed to feed the baby, change him and sit in the nursery throughout the day.

They kept us updated by phone:

"Everything is going great. The little guy sleeps well and takes to the bottle just fine. This all seems like a dream."

"The birthmom said we could give the baby a name"!!

Ryan and Stacy returned to the hospital on Monday:

"The baby is getting circumcised today and we are filling out papers for his release."

"The birthmom returned with a gift for the baby...a blanket that was hand-made by her grandmother. She signed the necessary papers to allow us to take him HOME!"

"A friend stopped by with a car seat. He was certified to install it, so he put it in our car and we now have a baby car seat in the back seat of our car...can you believe it?!"

At 3:30, Ryan and Stacy left the hospital...with a baby. In 48 hours, their lives were changed forever. Do you believe in miracles?

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