Thursday, October 30

Lessons Learned...

Socrates taught his students, "An unexamined life is not worth living."

I have heard it said that "A life worth living is a life worth recording"

To be able to share our sorrow and now our joy through this blog has been such a blessing to me because I am able to write down at least in part the miracle of it all. I am able to 'examine' the details and know that Samuel is nothing short of a blessing from God. As I consider the magnitude of how everything came together so perfectly, I am constantly uttering a prayer of thanksgiving.

I also am recording my thoughts and prayers of praise in my journal and Bible so I will have these moments to treasure and reflect back on during my next period of 'waiting' whenever that may come. I tend to forget easily and by recording my journey of the past 30 days, I will reminded everytime I open my Bible.

'Examining' and 'recording' during times of blessing increases my awareness of God's Goodness and demands that I give thanks for it all.

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