Tuesday, April 22

All-consuming thoughts

What Barb touched on yesterday is a topic that I struggle greatly with. Sometimes I don’t even realize it, and before I know it I am comparing or coveting.

For example, on Sunday a friend told me her husband worked for hours in their yard this past weekend cutting down extra trees. Immediately I felt frustration upon hearing this news because I had wanted to clean out our garage this past weekend and it hadn’t gotten done.

Without even consciously saying, “I am so jealous of the work your husband got done,” every fiber of my being was comparing his work to the lack of work that was completed in my household.

Why do I do that? Why do I immediately compare or covet friend’s stuff, marriages, clothes, figures, personalities, life circumstances, etc, etc, etc.?

I’ve done it all my life. Those thoughts pop in my head and invade all my good thoughts. They make me fume and analyze, they reduce my self-esteem, and they lead to negativity and criticism of myself and my husband.

Comparing and coveting can be all-consuming.

We need to address it ladies. We can’t allow ourselves to live like this. Comparing and coveting ruins homes, marriages, families, friendships and relationships.

What do you covet or how do you find yourself comparing with others?

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